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About The Founder

Ben started his journey into retail as the Sports & Fitness Buyer at Tesco. During his time there, he launched a small unknown brand called Fitbit which would go onto great things. After moving to the other side of the table, Ben worked for a leading consumer electronic distributor as Business Development Director, finding and launching brands into EU retail such as Misfit Wearables, TrackR Bravo, Bluesmart Luggage, Prynt Camera Case and many more.

Having had experience on both side of buying and selling, he quickly realised that the world of consumer electronics had moved on, but the world of distribution was stuck in the past. Often over-reliant on slow moving, challenging retailers, rather than the faster more agile online space.

To fix the problem, Ben setup Atlantic Access. By focusing brands on utilising their online presence through a localised website and digital marketing strategies, he set out to help focus brands on launching in Europe in the same way they would at home.